Chris Barsness, Esq. MBA (Founder)

After 30 years of bodybuilding and following the fitness and nutrition industry, Chris competed and won his first NPC bodybuilding competition after turning 50.  He wants to bring that passion for his hobby into a business helping grow promising fitness or health focused companies.  He started Warrior Investment Funds to pursue that passion.

“I have prepared or seen thousands of pitches, business plans, and offerings to raise capital and can cut right to the heart of almost any founder that brings something to me.  As a kid, I used to read the local paper to track stocks and started business ventures as a teen, so incorporating my passion for fitness with my investing, business, and legal experience and knowledge is a natural fit.  I love seeing the passion in entrepreneurs and want to help support that.”

Each fund within the portfolio are structured based upon Chris’ belief in helping to grow the Kingdom of God so a portion (typically 10% of each individual fund’s) net profits will be donated to charities to support that mission.

Founder Highlights

•With his unique skill set, knowledge, and network, Chris has gained access to the most promising emerging health, wellness, and fitness companies. Securities Offerings for Clients and Funds Raising over $450 million in 2022

•Raised capital from T. Boone Pickens at first startup right out of law school

•Took BioGold Fuels through an exit via public listing of its stock as its General Counsel and CFO

•Worked as C-level management team member at multiple portfolio companies to oversee investments of a family office

•Took hundreds of clients through successful exits in M&A transactions from $50,000 to $140 million

•Performed Financial and Legal Diligence and Reviewed or Prepared Hundreds of Pitch Decks, Business Plans, and Capital Offerings

•Multiple Clients in Industry (Pro Bodybuilders, Fitness Coaches, Gym Owners, and Supplement Companies)

Advisory Team

We build out top level advisors and a management team for each fund and portfolio company.

We work with top industry experts, business leaders, coaches, and operators, as well as staying in touch with the needs of our investors.